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Закончила читать McKlainely High Senior Year.

Нет, там всё хорошо кончилось.
Даже слишком.
Поэтому я щас сижу и рыдаю от того, какие они милые, и как у них всё замечательно.
Люди, обязательно прочитайте этот фик, если знаете английский, это стоит того.
Я б послала букет роз автору, да вот не знаю, где она живёт, и может у неё аллергия на цветы, и вообще у меня денег нет :lol:
Любимый персонаж полюбому Папоротник Герман :gigi: И Рыбка Клейн.


Kurt Hummel-Anderson sat at his kitchen table, evening coffee on the tabletop and a newspaper in his hands. He was sure to see something about his new collection in the fashion section of this issue. But his eyes were tired so he let the paper fold over and when he did that, he caught a glimpse of his husband returning to the kitchen.

"How's Klaine the eighth?" Kurt wondered, taking a sip of his coffee.

"I think he's getting used to Herman the third. I keep seeing him swimming on the side of the vase that faces the fern."


"I thought so."

At that, a shrill little squeal of happiness filled the air.

A small girl came skipping around the corner into the kitchen, her dark curls, tied up in pigtails, bouncing around on her head as she gripped Blaine's leg.

"Daddy, daddy, can I have more?" she begged.

"I don't know, Kara," Blaine teased. "You just had a whole handful."

"Please, please, daddy just two more! Just two more and I won't ask for anything ever again, ever! Just two more gummy bears, please, daddy!"

"Kara, honey, you just had some. We're about to eat dinner," Kurt reminded their daughter.

But Kara bit her little lip and turned her large, blue owl eyes up to her other father. Blaine looked down at her and slid his hand into the gummy bear container, sneaking out two red ones and placed them in her marker-stained fingers with a secretive smile. She giggled in delight and skipped back off to her room, but not before Kurt could snatch her over and press a kiss to the top of her tea rose and almond scented curls.

Kurt raised an eyebrow as he gazed at Blaine over his coffee cup with a knowing smile.

Blaine shrugged and turned back to the stove.

"She looks like you when she pouts," Kurt said off handedly.

"She looks like you when she smiles."

"Funny, considering only one of us really contributed to making her."

"Love is a funny thing."


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